• Julie Austin Photography – Lifestyle Pet Photography with Soul | Seattle and Puget Sound Pet Photography
  • Julie Austin Photography – Lifestyle Pet Photography with Soul | Seattle and Puget Sound Pet Photography
  • Julie Austin Photography – Lifestyle Pet Photography with Soul | Seattle and Puget Sound Pet Photography
  • Julie Austin Photography – Lifestyle Pet Photography with Soul | Seattle and Puget Sound Pet Photography
  • Julie Austin Photography – Lifestyle Pet Photography with Soul | Seattle and Puget Sound Pet Photography
  • Julie Austin Photography – Lifestyle Pet Photography with Soul | Seattle and Puget Sound Pet Photography
  • Julie Austin Photography – Lifestyle Pet Photography with Soul | Seattle and Puget Sound Pet Photography


December 7th, 2014

I received this email on December 1st.

Hi Julie,

I got your name from Paradise Pet lodge where our lab cross Cosmo stays. We got sad new last week that our sweet boy has a very fast moving liver cancer and only has a month or two to live. We are on a tight schedule and would like pictures of our beautiful soul. We are going to have him put down on December 20th, we don’t want to wait for his tumors to advance into extreme pain for him. We are wondering if you have time before then to shoot some pictures. Sorry in advance for this gruesome/sad request.

Sincerely Anne

I replied immediately and we scheduled a session for December 4th at the Arboretum and Golden Gardens Park.

Sadly, this is not an unusual request for me. So many of our beloved furry family members are getting grim diagnosis with limited time to live. When I’m asked to do such a session, my goal is to get many memorable images, make sure the animal is comfortable, and to make the session a good time for all. There is lots of laughter and smiles during these sessions as I get to hear stories about the animal’s life. Sure, there can be some tears too. But that’s okay. I know how it feels, to lose your faithful friend. I’ve lost three in less than a year.

I met Anne and Cosmo at the Graham Visitors Center at the Arboretum and off we went!




Anne and I chatted as we walked through the Arboretum. I knew I wouldn’t remember everything she told me, so I asked her to write Cosmo’s story for me to share…

We got Cosmo as a tiny puppy after the passing of my husbands dog. The dog before Cosmo was a big powerful dominate dog, he was friendly but people would cross to the other side of the street when they would see us coming. With Cosmo it is “us” that crosses to the other side of the street  because it would take us forever to get anywhere with this 75 lb marshmallow who lives for belly rubs and back scratches. He has the softest fur ever and everyone comments on this fact.Cosmo goes everywhere with me. He goes to my art studio everyday where I work and sleeps on his big beige pillow the size of a  pontoon most of the day. He only wakes up to chew a bone or to take a walk break with me to get some fresh air. He loves flour tortillas (not corn).
He loves Starbucks banana bread.
He can find a tennis ball buried in a snow bank or anywhere for that matter (seen him do it.)He has a strange craving for french baguettes. A loaf of any other kind can be on the kitchen counter but the banquet is fair game for him and tries every chance he gets to snag it off the counter.  We have a SUV and my husband and I went to the farmers market one day and we got a baguette that was fresh from a brick oven. We then went to Costco where Mike put the seats up and blocked the  back so Cosmo couldn’t jump through. I said “That’s not going to work.” He said “I can’t get my hand through the top – no way he’ll get through to my bread that is under the mat in the front seat.”  Me; “uh huh…good luck.” 20 minutes later we’re walking back to the car and I see a shadow of a tail wagging in the window. Mike ran over to the passenger window and trying not to laugh while yelling “You bastard – that’s my bread!” I get there just in time too see Cosmo with vacuum like effect sucking back the foot long.He’s our big goof ball – named after Kramer on Seinfeld. We’re walking down the street to my studio one morning and a cute little poodle dog walks by on the other side of the street – Cosmo is smiling his goofy smile and not watching where he is walking tumbles over a sidewalk sandwich board sign. (just like on Seinfeld) looks up at me embarrassed, gives me a nuzzle and moves on.Mike takes Cosmo for cheeseburgers at Burgermaster and Dick’s Drive in from time to time, they go snow shoeing together and hang out. We don’t take him mountain biking anymore because Cosmo is really laid back, easy going kind of dog and will stop on the side of the trail to chew on a stick or follow a hiker who has a better sandwich. Mike always would have to ride back up the mountain and go retrieve him. When Mike would get to him Cosmo looks at him like “Oh, hello where’ve you been? – look at this great stick I found!” He makes us laugh everyday…This is what we’re going to miss the most

This week we found out our boy has terminal liver cancer and it’s only a very short matter of time before he goes in a very painful way. He’s not in pain at the moment but we decided to pick a day where we put Cosmo to bed for we don’t want our sweet gentle marshmallow of a dog to suffer. It is bitter sweet and the years have flown by too fast as it always seems with these situations – the time together is not long enough…but we’re are so grateful of the time we had with him.
Our session was on Thursday, December 4th.
After enjoying the beautiful Arboretum we drove over to Golden Gardens Park. Cosmo loves the water! It was a gorgeous NW kind of day.
I received this email yesterday, December 6.
Hi Julie,We have some sad news…Cosmo had a rough night last night and was fading. We put him to sleep about an hour ago today. He went peacefully to sleep while eating a cookie on his pillow with his favorite teddy
bear that he sleeps with and his rope lobster.I know he rallied for me on Thursday for the pictures and thank you so much again for fitting us in, those pictures mean a lot to us and every time we’ll look at them we’ll remember our beautiful sweet soul.We’ll talk to you soon or in the new year to look at the contact sheets of the pictures, we can’t wait to see the rest of the shots.Hugs,
Anne & Michael 
Rest in peace dear Cosmo. I’m so glad we met.





Thank you for voting me Best Pet Photography!!!

November 12th, 2014

Thank you for your support and votes!

I am thrilled to announce that I have won the Evening Magazine – Best of Western Washington for the third year in a row!



Gussy is thrilled too! I promised the dogs lots of extra treats if I won!

As a thank you, I’d like to offer this special deal though December 12th. Don’t worry, you have until March 12th for the session to happen.

$125 off session fee + one 12×18 print!

You receive a full private two hour session which can be held in multiple locations, 40+ edited proofs to choose from, in person ordering session, and lots of treats for your pet!

The holidays are just around the corner and this would make a wonderful gift for the people on your list who are crazy about their fur kids! Or it would make a good gift for yourself!

To book your session shoot me an email at julie@jaustinphotography.com or give me a ring at 425-802-3944.

*Session must take place within 50 miles of Snohomish or travel fees may be applied. Session must take place by 3.31.15. $500 minimum order requirement.


Simple Tips for a Fun Photo Session

August 4th, 2014

Simple Tips for a Fun Photo Session

Today I am turning over the blog to Melissa Lynch, Dog Trainer Extraordinaire – Mountain High Dog Training. She has some simple tips for a fun photo session!

Melissa Lynch who is Dog Trainer Extraordinaire

I met Melissa Lynch, Dog Trainer Extraordinaire – Mountain High Dog Training, in 2005. She has taught me LOTS about dog behavior and training.

Here is some background on Melissa;

Melissa graduated from Postdam College in New York with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Health Science. After graduation, she went on to work in the psychiatric field for several years. During this time she was always involved in rescuing and fostering dogs in need. Soon after moving to the Seattle area Melissa made the decision to follow her dream of working with dogs full-time. She went to work at Kozy Kennels in Redmond, managing the kennel for more than five years. She then decided it was time to take the next step toward helping dogs and their human guardians and became a full-time trainer with Riverdog K9 Coaching, a large training facility in Issaquah.

Along with honing her skills at Riverdog, Melissa has traveled throughout the country learning from some of the most accomplished trainers in the field. Throughout her training career, Melissa has been able to focus on positive training techniques, working with many different breeds, sizes and temperaments in classroom and private in-home sessions. She found dogs and their guardians excelled with private in-home lessons and has made this the focus of Mountain High Dog Training.

During her free time Melissa enjoys spending time with her pack, husband Scott (from Julie- Scott is an amazing chiropractor at Valley Chiropractic Wellness Center in Duvall, Washington), dogs Tala, Teo and Naya as well as 7 cats. She also volunteers at Homeward Pet Adoption Center (a no-kill dog and cat shelter in Woodinville) and is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). She believes all dogs and their guardians have the ability to live a long, healthy, happy life together. Let her teach you how.

Melissa Lynch Dog Trainer Extraordinaire 02

Simple Tips for a Fun Photo Session

by Melissa Lynch, Dog Trainer Extraordinaire –  Mountain High Dog Training

It’s always helpful if your dog knows some basic obedience you can use when having photos taken.

Teaching “sit” is very simple.  Basically, by luring your dog to move his nose, the rest of his body will follow.  So, if you slowly lift a food lure upward and backward over your dog’s nose to pass between his eyes, as your dog looks up to follow the food, his rear end will descend into the sitting position.  Say “sit” before you move the lure, and give the food each time he sits.  Say your release word (many use “ok”) quickly, before he gets up.  Practice this with him at your side and in front of you.

During your photo shoot it will also be helpful for your dog to know a stationary position.  “Wait” means stop your forward motion and is a good place to start.  Always start your training on a leash it will give you more control when he moves out of the “wait” position.

Begin by walking your dog to a door.  A screen door is best at first so you don’t lose visual contact with your dog.  Give him the command to “sit”.  A dog will hold still in a sit position a little longer than he would if her were standing.  With your fingers pointing upwards, show the dog the palm of your hand and give the command “wait.”  Begin to open the door.  As soon as your dog moves, close the door.  Continue this opening and closing of the door until your dog does not try to walk through the door when you open it.  The purpose of the repeated opening and closing is to teach the dog that he cannot anticipate if the door will open completely or not.

Eventually, you should be able to open the door and your dog will remain seated.  Make sure you are treating your dog when they remain in the seated position and don’t forget you use your release word to allow them to cross the threshold.

Soon, you should be able to walk through the door to the other side while your dog waits.  Once your dog has mastered “wait” from the “sit” position, try it while he is standing or in the “down” position.  When your dog has mastered all three of these positions it’s time to try them off leash.  This will surely make for a more enjoyable, controlled photo shoot.

The day of your shoot it is really important to take into consideration your dog’s needs.  Younger more energetic dogs will require some exercise before you ask them to remain calm for pictures.  An older or ill dog may require rest so they are not exhausted during the shoot. The temperature may also play a role in how your dog is feeling so pay attention.

Last but not least, plan on bringing some high value treats to your photo shoot.  I would recommend not feeding your dog so they really want to work for the treats.  You may give a little snack if you are worried they are starvingJ  The treats should be something your dog really wants to work for like chicken, hotdogs or string cheese.  Again, take into consideration what your dog likes.

Following the above recommendations will surely help make your photo shoot more enjoyable for you and your pup.

Melissa Lynch, Dog Trainer Extraordinaire - Mountain High Dog Tr

Thanks for all of the wonderful tips Melissa! I look forward to photographing you and your dogs again soon!

Julie Austin Photography



Smile & Chat in Kirkland on September 13th!

July 17th, 2014

Animal Communicator Rachael Millikan of Beyond Barking Animal Communication and I are partnering up once again with a fun opportunity for photography and animal communication with your fur kids at Smile & Chat in Kirkland on September 13th!!

This will be my last mini sessions for 2014, so if you’re looking for Christmas pictures at a mini session, this is YOUR LAST CHANCE!

I will be photographing at Carillon Point where there are many beautiful backdrops.
Rachael will be chatting with animals at Natural Pet Pantry.

Photography Session

The details:

  • 20 minute photo session at Carillon Point.
  • Ten high resolution digital files in both color and black and white. Photographer’s choice.
  • Bag of goodies and high quality treats from Natural Pet Pantry.
  • 5% of proceeds donated to Old Dog Haven.

All for $475!

($1,200 value)

Add a 25 minute animal communication session for $35, package cost $510.

Photo sessions available 9/13 – 10am – 7pm.

To book your session email me at julie@jaustinphotography.com or call me at 425-802-3944 make your $475 payment by clicking the “Buy Now” button below. 

erika at carillon point

 Animal Communication Session

The Details:

  • 25 minute animal communication session held indoors at Natural Pet Pantry.
  • $50 savings coupon toward future Julie Austin Photography session.
  • A follow up email with suggested crystal to benefit the health of your animal.

All for $45!

$35 for animal communication session on-site if you purchase a photo session.

Animal communication sessions available 9/13 only on the half hour from 12p-5p.

To book your animal communication session email Rachael at rachael@beyondbarking.com with the time you desire and make your non-refundable $45 payment by clicking the “Buy Now” button below. 


Photography Session

$475 – 20 minute session



Animal Communication Session

$45 – 25 minute session



Both Photo & Animal Communication Session






Smile & Chat at Long Beach, WA, June 27,28,29!

May 14th, 2014

Would you like to Smile & Chat with your furry family members at Long Beach, WA, June 27,28,29?


Abigail is the mascot at  Adrift Hotel & Spa!

Animal Communicator Rachael Millikan of Beyond Barking Animal Communication and I have partnered up with Adrift Hotel & Spa to offer you a relaxing and enlightening weekend of photo fun and communication with your furry family friends.

Intuitive animal communicator, Rachael Millikan of Beyond Barking utilizes the language of telepathy to build a bridge of understanding between animals and their people.  Voted Finalist “Favorite Animal Communicator” with About.com 2012 & 2013, her mission is to embolden love, awareness and understanding between you and your animal companions for the betterment of all.  Have you ever wanted to ask your animal companion how their body feels? How could they be happier? Do they like their food? Do they have any advice for you?  Now is your chance!  Rachael successfully serves as your conduit for answers, receiving information from animals through images (clairvoyance), feelings (clairsentient) and words (clairaudient).

I love Long Beach and have stayed at the Adrift Hotel & Spa several times. They are dog loving people there! I’ll be staying there the weekend of the Smile & Chat fun!

The Details – Long Beach photography sessions include:

All for $375!  *Add a 20 minute animal communication session for $25, package cost $400.  Photo sessions available: 6/27, 2p – sundown, 6/28, 10a – sundown, 6/29, 10:00a – sundown.  To book your session call 425-802-3944 or e-mail julie@jaustinphotography.com

The Details – Long Beach animal communication sessions include:

All for $40!  *$25 for an animal communication session on-site if you purchase a photo session.  Animal communication sessions available on the half hour from 12p – 4p Saturday and Sunday

To sign up for animal communication sessions, please e-mail me with the time you desire and make your non-refundable $40 payment by clicking the “Buy Now” button below.  If you are booking a photo session with Julie Austin please select the “Buy Now” button below for $25, the discounted rate.   *5% of all proceeds will be donated to South Pacific County Humane Society.

$375 – 20 minute photo session.




$400 – 20 minute photo session AND 20 minute animal communication session.




$40 – 20 minute animal communication session. 




It is also Doggie Olympics that weekend at Long Beach! There will be LOTS to see and do with your pooch! Saturday’s festivities include,

  • What, No Ducks? Ball Toss
  • Nadia Comaneci Agility
  • Rip Van Winkle Sleep Off
  • Dunking For Dogs
  • Filla Fuller Brush Shedding
  • Luciano Pavarotti Commemorative Sing-Off
  • Babe Ruth Obedience Baseball
  • I’ve Got Rhythm Musical Sit
  • Peanut Butter Lick
  • Frisbee Throw
  • Who’s Your Daddy?
  • Doggie Dash

I hope to see you there!





Boogie is good at doing everything except nothing.

December 31st, 2013

Boogie is good at doing everything except nothing.

Recently I had the pleasure to meet and photograph an amazing pack of dogs. All six are well known agility athletes. Some are retired, some are still active duty.

This blog post will highlight one of that pack.

His name is Boogie – CH Sunkist Shake Rattle And Roll, VX (and a very long list of titles). He lives with two amazing humans, Debbie and Mike Mason.

Boogie is a rock star in front of the camera.


Ever since he was a very young puppy, his motto has always been “Anything you can do I can do better, anything you can do I can do too”.

boogie on log

Boogie loves learning more than any dog Debbie has  ever had. And he picks things up so very quickly. But he is a Border Terrier (aka LBD – Little Brown Dog) so you’ve got to have a good sense of humor all along the way.


At only six months of age, he entered his first confirmation show and Rally competition – in Palm Springs at a show with over 4000 dogs! He could do every Rally station perfectly so Debbie was as confident as could be. However, right next to the ring was a beautiful fountain surrounded by gorgeous flowers – apparently the kind of flowers that attract butterflies. Then only did the first station before Boogie’s eyes lit up with wonderment and excitement. How cool! Mommy had taken him to a butterfly chasing park! There is a video of that and instead of the people oohing and awing over this young pup doing such a brilliant job in Rally, they are roaring with laughter as Debbie is trying everything she can think of to get him engaged with the task at hand. But he was leaping and bounding about with the biggest smile on his face. Remember that sense of humor thing?

cowboy boogie

Boogie does everything with a very high intensity. And he always has to tell you about it. He’s a very quiet dog to live with but once something fun starts to happen he has to tell the world. He much prefers doing things with his person than to do activities on his own.

He hasn’t found an activity he doesn’t like. He’s keen to try everything – and has!  He seems to be a natural at everything. The Border Terrier Club of America has a Versatility Award program. To earn a Versatility award, the dog must title in three separate sports with a total of seven points. Most dogs are 5 – 6 years old before they earn this prestigious award. Beyond that, there is a Versatility Excellence (VE) award. This requires titles in four different fields and a minimum of 12 points. Only a small percentage of Border Terriers earn this award and it can take a couple more years.  It is believed Boogie was the youngest to earn the VE award at just 18 months 5 days.

boogie in woods

Boogie also took it upon himself to to take over the role of Debbie’s service dog when her other dog retired due to age. He will pick up anything and put it right in her hand. And among other tasks, he takes her dishes one at a time and puts them in the dishwasher after each meal.

One of Boogie’s favorite activities is agility. Last year he won the prestigious Columbia Cup before heading to national competitions. In his division, he placed 3rd in the World Extreme Games Championship, 2nd overall in the NADAC Championships, and 2nd in the All Around Championships. He was also the Highest Scoring Terrier.

Boogie has traveled to all of the 48 contiguous United States in a luxurious RV. He’s been swimming in both oceans, hiked tall mountains and low swamps, played in the snow, worked on a farm, and romped in beautiful meadows. He even showed a rattlesnake in the desert southwest who was boss (but that and the tarantula are another story).

A day is never complete (meaning he will not go to bed) until he does his “good night night training”. After all, there is just nothing more fun than learning… and of course, getting treats before heading off to dream of the fun activities he hopes to do tomorrow.

Begging Boogie

The others in the pack might be hurt if I did not share their photos too!

Wise Wazzu.


Super Sparky.


Sweet Slugger.


2 cute 2wiggy.


Cute CrackerJack.

crackerjackThe whole pack.

thepackAll of these dogs are such individuals and so much fun to get to know. Each is so unique and beautiful.


Julie Austin Photography


(Last Chance) To Grab Your Christmas Keepsake Package!

December 24th, 2013

Remember a few days ago I promised to give you a reminder right
before my Christmas Keepsake Package offer ends?

Well, this is that conversation.

At midnight tonight this package turns back into it’s pumpkin
sized price of $1500.  So head on over to the link below if
you’d like to professionally capture the special relationship
between you and your pet for a fraction of the normal price…

Christmas Keepsake Package

My sincerest wish is that somehow I can help create a special
keepsake this holiday season for those of you with elderly, or
terminally ill, pets who you fear may only have 1 or 2 more
Christmases together.

So hurry, there’s only 7 sessions left at that special price.

Christmas Keepsake Package

Feel free to call me directly too! You can reach me at 425-820-3944.




December 7th, 2013


ornamant++Worried This Might Be Your Last Christmas Together?

Nothing’s harder than losing a pet, especially during the holidays. That’s why I specialize in helping elderly and terminally ill pets and their owners capture their last best memories together.

For a limited time, get a Christmas Keepsake Package You’ll Cherish Forever For Only $575

(5% of proceeds will be donated to Old Dog Haven)


Click Here For More Details!









December 6th, 2013


As a pet photographer, I get a lot of weird requests…

– Do you photograph pigs? (yes, I do)

– Can you photograph my dogs in a sled with two other dogs pulling the sled? (yeppers)

– Can you get five miniature dachshunds to sit still in a row for a photo session? (absolutely)

– Can you photograph my dog riding my horse? (no problem)

But there’s a recent request I got I know is extremely hard for any pet owner to make…

A woman with an elderly boxer whose health is fading, wanted to know if I could come and somehow capture them together in what will likely be their last christmas together.

What makes it so hard for pet owners is the Christmas time part —  I’ve seen time and again how losing a pet this time of year can be as emotionally scarring as watching any other beloved family member slip away during the holidays.

Which got me thinking…

How I can help other pet owners whose fur kid’s are in a precarious position on the circle of life?

That’s why I’m creating a special “Christmas Keepsake Package” session / package.

While I don’t have all the final details worked out yet, I do know not any photographer can shoot these heart tugging sessions…

Using compassion and delicate skills to bring out the natural playfulness of your pet – and radical loving kindness for your situation, I’ll help you create a keepsake of your fur kid you can treasure for every Christmas to come.

My sincerest wish is that somehow I can help make this holiday season special for those of you with elderly and terminally ill pets who you fear may only have 1 or 2 more Christmas’ together.

So keep a eye out for another blog post with all the details in the next few days.

And don’t worry…

If you have a healthy, vibrant pet you want to capture at their best for many Christmas’ to remember — then you’ll be able to use it for that too :)




Evening Magazine The Best of Western Washington – Best Pet Photography

November 20th, 2013

Thank you for once again voting me Evening Magazine The Best of Western Washington – Best Pet Photography! For the second year in a row!

My thanks may be a bit belated, but are still heart felt.

I would still absolutely love my job regardless of having won Best Pet Photography, but I’d be fibbing if I said that winning meant nothing to me. Knowing that you all care enough to take the time to cast your vote for me is so wonderful!

One reason I am a bit late on this blog post is that I have been super busy getting all the details together for a very exciting upcoming promotion. That’s all I can say about it for now!

Evening Magazine The Best of Western Washington Best Pet Photography

Here are some other Best of Western Washington winners!

Best Breakfast: Maltby Cafe – I adore their Eggs Benedict! It’s my fav!

Best Jazz Club:  Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley –  It is a great venue to hear all sorts of jazz and have a delicious meal at the same time!

Best Pet Boutique: Paddywack –  I love Paddywack! They have a huge selection of super cool pet items and Janet and all of the staff are friendly and fun!

Thanks all who voted for me, you’re the best in my book!

Julie Austin Photography