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Capture the life you share together

 Hiring a Professional Pet Photographer can feel daunting, I get it. 

You might be wondering… Is now the right time?  How does it all work? Will my pet behave?  Is this photographer any good?

I hear you. I’ve heard questions like this a bunch of times. Luckily, you should know you don’t need to worry. 

In fact, I firmly believe it should be fun.

colours of the beach location of a girl and her pet dog

Picture this. 

It’s a cold Saturday afternoon in the middle of winter, and it’s raining again. As the steam rises from your coffee, you and your pooch cuddle up under your cozy blanket. 

In pride of place on the wall in front of you is that image.  Your favorite picture of them playing on the shoreline.

You can’t believe that you worried about your pet misbehaving, about keeping them on their leash, about whether they’d pose for the camera.  You needn’t have worried. The pictures on your wall, the presents you gave your folks – these are memories worth sharing.

You grin to yourself and give them the hugest hug. You snuggle up.  He may be a little older now, not quite as bouncy, and it may be raining outside, but wow that was worth doing. Priceless.

Your pet photography experience with me gives you all this and more.

Best Photographer of the Year

17 Years Photographing Your Pets

100’s of Happy Client Testimonials
Love Your Images or Your Money Back

This is your time. Enjoy it.

Not sure a professional pet photography session is for you?

Even if you think your pet is going to be a total schmuck, I guarantee that you’ll receive stunning images that:

Capture their personality perfectly;

Take pride of place on your wall at home;

Are the envy of your friends and family;

You will genuinely treasure for a lifetime;

Are not just photos that you lose on your phone;

You know you couldn't take it yourself;

You will absolutely love.

Professional pet photos are a constant reminder, through the good times and the bad, of the joy we find with our dogs, they’re:

Treasures: Much more than the images that flash up on our mobile phones, or we share after a day walking on the beach or in the mountains. They really are to be treasured.

Celebrations! Fun! The most important ingredient. The unconditional love you have for your pet, favorite places you love to go, things you love to do. It’s all about celebrating the time you have together.

Memories: Of special days. You’ll want to go somewhere amazing. Over the years, I’ve found the best outdoor locations, I know the best places to go in Washington State, and what to do when it rains (if you know, you know).

5 Gold Stars

“ I wanted to get some family photos done of my three chihuahuas and myself, husband, and daughter and decided to splurge and go with the most respected pet photographer in the area. Julie really knocked it out of the park! She has a positive energy that I think the animals can sense and it felt like we were just hanging out with a friend. She goes above and beyond to make sure she captures the perfect photos and it’s truly amazing how well her shots reflect each pet and person’s personalities! Turnaround time was remarkably fast and the day of went so smooth and easy. Julie is worth every penny to have amazing photos of your companions and family. I will treasure mine forever and can’t wait to book with her again one day! ”


Ashley Ortakales
5 star Google Reviews
5 Gold Stars

“ Julie Austin is an incredibly talented photographer who captures the true essence of a pet, along with the profound love shown in the human-animal bond. My family has used her talents twice for personal family/pet photos over the years and I still treasure the images she took of my beloved pup. Her work is so incredible that I also use her images (of other’s pets) professionally on my website. She is THAT amazing! She is also prompt in her communication and is easy to work with. Honestly, I recommend her to anyone who needs professional photos, and I truly cannot recommend her enough! Julie is fantastic!!”


Sarah Hopkins
5 star Google Reviews


5 Gold Stars

Working with Julie is a wonderful experience. And the images she captures are priceless. Recently had my third session with Julie and will definitely use her again!


Meredith Moses
5 Star Google Reviews


5 Gold Stars

“Julie is a gifted photographer with a heart of gold. She has an extraordinary ability to capture the spirits of our beloved animals. Compassionate and hardworking, Julie goes above and beyond to create stunning images that tell your family’s story. Julie cares deeply about her clients and their fur babies…….. Thank you, Julie, for creating priceless memories of our family. We are forever grateful for you!”

Dawn H
Seattle WA

Love this! what do I do next?

Step One

Let’s Talk!

You wouldn’t trust your buddy with just anyone. Book a call. If we’re a great fit, we get planning.

Step Two

Your Experience Day

You have chosen the perfect location. You’re all relaxed and ready. It’s your day – have fun!

Step Three

Design Your Artwork

Go through your awesome pics with me. We’ll design the perfect presentation for your home.

Step Four

Decorate at Home

Hang that wall art, sit back & enjoy!! Receive your goodies three weeks from design session.

Meet Julie

Lives in an AirStream. Amazing with Animals. Owner of Julie Austin Photography. I’m obsessed with my dogs. They’re my world. They have middle names and better health insurance than me. Sound familiar?

portrait of Julie Austin pet photographer surrounded by various breeds of dog

I knew I liked you.

Over the last 17 years, I’ve packed up my stinky dog-smelling car, and headed out to photograph thousands of smoochy slobbery pets.

They’ve been noisy, fidgety, big, small, smelly, obedient, disobedient, healthy, and not so healthy. I’ve yet to meet one that I didn’t love and couldn’t photograph. I genuinely love what I do, and am honored time and again, when clients like you trust me to record the precious time you have with your pets. 

Have you heard of Old Dog Haven in Seattle? You’re looking at their official photographer. For many many years, I’ve been helping these guys find forever homes.   If you fancy seeing me in print, my work has also been published on multiple front covers of City Dog magazine!

My motto?

If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right!

image of a furry cat with half a face and and one eye
two Labrador dogs sitting
horse running through woodland
dog called Tiffany snuggling up with its owner

” Two words about Julie. Simply amazing. I first had Julie photograph my two pups back in 2005. I was notorious for self taken photos with tounges half way out and heads chopped off because they were so happy just to be around me. She was able to capture them beautifully.

It’s amazing how she still got their exuberance, but also caught their personalities on point. A few years later I had her come out for a mini shoot with my soul horse. Couldn’t believe how she caught her beauty. Because I am that fur baby mom, I just had her come out to do a bigger shoot around our barn. She’s tempting me with the sneak peeks and I can’t wait to get the whole lot of them!   Bottom line, if you want amazing photos to have and to show everyone, Julie’s your girl! “

5 Gold Stars

5 Star Google Reviews
Mary Shockley

Location Pet Photography Experiences are an Excellent Choice

Perfect for pet enthusiasts, our sessions are set in the scenic Washington State and provide a relaxed and joyful atmosphere for capturing your cherished moments. 

Looking for a Gift Card that speaks volumes and lasts a lifetime?

Look no further! Julie Austin offers beautifully crafted Gift Cards that are the perfect fit for any occasion—a Birthday, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Christmas.

Each card opens the door to a world of stunning photography, capturing moments that will be cherished forever.

dog named sarah sitting on a beach, Seattle, Washington

Introducing the “Love your Images” Guarantee

Still concerned that your pet is too much of an ass to take to a photo shoot?  I hear you!  I have been doing this a LONG time, and have never met a pet I couldn’t photograph beautifully.

I offer a 100% “Love your Images” Guarantee.  That’s because I have the experience to make sure they relax and have fun.  I’ve never met a pet I couldn’t photograph beautifully.

I guarantee you’ll absolutely love the images.  If you don’t, you won’t pay for them.  Simple as that.

The next step is simple, just arrange a call.  Tell me all about your pet and what your dream session looks like.  Exciting!