Why Make do with Anything Short of Amazing?

Your Pets are Your People – they Deserve the Best

We spend so much time with our best buddies, we shower them with gifts, chew toys, and give them the best diet we can. We hurt when they get sick. Heck, if you’re anything like me, they have better health insurance than you. Am I right?

Don’t you deserve to enjoy them at their very best too?  That’s what I believe professional pet photography is all about. It’s so so special to take time to have fun with them, to let them be themselves and to trust someone else to capture their personalities perfectly, as only a professional can do.

You probably have a cell phone full of photographs, some of them great, many of them just average. Totally cute, and gorgeous, but not memories to treasure forever.

And We Do Want to Treasure them Forever

Hi, I’m Julie Austin, and I’ve been called “the most respected pet photographer in the Seattle area”. That makes me happy – I’m so touched that my clients consider me that way. 

It was a calling for me, I was lucky enough to find my way into pet photography through working with a rescue center, 17 years ago. They needed me to take pictures of their homeless pups to help them find their forever homes.

I fell in love with all of them (I have a habit of doing that…). I realized I had a knack for bringing out their playful personalities in the photos. And I was honored to be doing this incredible work.

Our animals’ lives, and the joy they give us is so precious. My time at the rescue centers of Seattle has taught me that. 

And yes, I still work at the centers – I am the resident photographer at The Old Dog Haven in Seattle and am often called on by others to capture their dogs at their most joyful, helping ensure that other people get to see them at their very best.

” Julie is a gifted photographer with a heart of gold. She has an extraordinary ability to capture the spirits of our beloved animals. Compassionate and hardworking, Julie goes above and beyond to create stunning images that tell your family’s story. Julie cares deeply about her clients and their fur babies…”

Dawn H

Seattle, WA

Our Lives get Busy, right?

Every day of my life has been spent with some kind of animal. I’ve had dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, bunnies, ducks, and even hermit crabs. I’ve also been an avid horse rider since my parents first put me in a saddle when I was in kindergarten.

I’ve noticed how things have changed in that time. Since setting up my photography business, over the last 17 years, I’ve seen our lives get busier and busier. 

We use our mobile phones to capture everything from weddings to hot dates and concerts. We snap photos of our pets on walks, or when we’re hanging out at home.

And We Do Want to Treasure them Forever

We’re often so busy that we don’t pause to recognise how precious our downtime is. Or the time we spend with our pets. We rely on mobile phones to record our memories for us.

And we’re often not in the picture. Or the picture doesn’t look anything like we remember that moment. It doesn’t truly capture the spirit of our pet.  We wouldn’t frame it and hang it on the wall to enjoy every single day.

  • 17 years in business
  • 100s of happy clients
  • 1000s of pets and animals photographed
  • 8x winner Best Pet Photographer of the year
  • Front Cover of City Dog dozens of times 

Watch Julie in action capturing the perfect moment!

Photographs You’ll Cherish

That’s why I do what I do. The genuine bond I am able to capture and build with your pet is a skill that I can’t let go to waste. 

My life has been richer for the animals I have known and loved, and I know how full your life is with your pet in it.  It’s an honor to serve my clients every time I work with them (and many come back several times).

I know how precious this time is, and I hope I’ll be the one to record it for you. But most of all, I want us to have fun.  When you and your pet are at ease, hanging out, and enjoying yourselves, I am in my element. That’s when we get the shots you’ll love.

My Motto is 100%…

If It’s Not Fun, You’re not Doing it Right!

Doesn’t your relationship with your pet deserve to be captured the best way we can – with joyful, playful, personality-filled pet photography?

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