The Pet Photography Experiences Blog

Because LIFE is an Adventure

The Pet Photography Experiences Blog is here to help you get the best out of your pet photography, whether you’ve booked a shoot with me or not (and if you haven’t, you really should, right?! Here’s the link). 

Life with our pets should always be fun. If you’re taking them on a photo shoot, you wanna have a good time, right? 

Whether you’re planning to hang out with me, snap some shots yourself, or (heaven forbid) even work with another photographer, you’ll get the best shots when everyone is relaxed and happy. 

I’ll help you come up with some super fun ideas to try, suggestions to ease any worries you might have and give you some great tips to get organised. All so you can capture the coolest photos of your beautiful pet.

We’ll take a light-hearted look at topics around our loveable rogues but I’ll always aim to give you sensible advice that you can trust.

If you’d like me to let you know next time I post something cool, just sign up for my free VIP Club and I’ll keep you in the loop. Enjoy! Julie x