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Display your Awesome Pet Photography

Enjoy the smiles at home … every day

This is the moment when you make your memories. This is where you make them your own. This is where you make your pet’s personality pop!

You know as well as I do that photographs on our phones only go so far – we see them from time to time when they cycle around as a “memory”. They’re wonderful, but they’re gone in an instant.

By working with a professional photographer, you’ve secured something far more precious, and far more timeless.  There really is nothing like professionally produced photography displayed as artwork in your home. 

From the incredible photographs you receive after your session, we are going to create artwork that you really will treasure for a lifetime. 

I’m known for having an eye for detail and creative composition, and with a background in graphics design, you have the best person on your team to advise you on the perfect presentation for your lifestyle.

Don’t settle for Boring Generic ways to Display your Images.

Make them Awesome.  Are you ready?

Here’s how it works.


After your session – I’ll share your gallery with you to take a peek. You’ll choose your favorites (the hardest part!).


We’ll decide on the products that would suit your home and lifestyle best. Choose your favorite from the selection.


I’ll send everything away for you to be magically turned into artwork. We’ll arrange delivery at a time that suits you.


You display your artwork and wait for the adoring sighs from your family and visitors. Enjoy them for years to come.

Choose from these Stunning Displays

large canvas image on blue wall of a husky close up. with red sofa and blue cushions in front

Wall Prints


Wall prints are one of the most popular ways to display your gorgeous images, and they really do have quite some WOW factor. They’re fabulous in large spaces like your living room or family room.  

Once they are hanging on your walls, you can see every little detail. Sit back, and enjoy your pet’s portrait peeking back at you every single day.

They’re perfect for creating a statement piece at home, or even as the centerpiece of a gallery wall, with smaller prints around them. 

As home decor, they take some beating. A truly gorgeous way to display your images that stands the test of time.

Choose from three sizes, XXXL, XXL and XL. Now to choose, which images for which walls?

XXXL – $1,550 (60×40)     XXL – $850 (40×30)     XL – $550 (30×20)

Gallery Wrapped Canvas in Floating Frame


This is an absolute work of art for your home! 

I’ve hand-selected this style of mounting for your images because it brings together the best of both worlds – canvas printing your images and a stunning, modern floating frame. 

With a canvas print, your image is printed onto canvas, literally turning your favorite photos from the day into works of art. You’ve probably seen similar (or maybe already have some at home) but with the floating frame, we’re on another level! 

A floating frame gives your pet portrait another dimension – making it irresistibly arty. I truly love the impact these displays have in every house I’ve been to.

With three sizes to choose from, XXXL, XXL and XL, you’ll have the perfect art display in no time.

XXXL – $3,550 (60×40)     XXL – $2,550 (40×30)     XL – $1,550 (30×20)

Metal Prints


Metal prints really appeal to my graphic designer roots. Although it’s a really modern, edgy trend right now, metal artwork has been around for centuries – this is just a thoroughly modern twist. 

You can literally hang these anywhere in your home. They’re super durable, scratch-resistant and waterproof – so cool! You could even put them up in the yard and enjoy them during your summer days outside. Gorgeous.

There’s something about the metal prints that really bring your pet portraits to life in a unique way. 

Your perfect pet images – for the truly modern home! 

Choose from three sizes, XXXL, XXL and XL. Now you just need to measure up.

XXXL – $2,550 (60×40)     XXL – $1,750 (40×30)     XL – $1,250 (30×20)

Framed dog portrait close up of dogs head on a beige wall with light brown sofa in front

Acrylic Prints


One of the most sought-after displays at the moment, part of the charm of an acrylic print is its simplicity. 

But what is an acrylic print? Putting it simply, your beautiful pet photograph is reproduced and displayed behind a pane of high-quality acrylic glass. 

It’s a “borderless” display, which means that your pet portrait takes center stage – just how they like it, right? 

Gorgeously modern and sleek, with incredible colors, they are a fantastic option. You get all the gorgeous, full vibrant colors of your day, a perfect memory. Your pet popping right out at you! Fun and beautiful. 

I know why some of you can’t wait to get your hands on them!

They come in three amazing sizes – XXXL, XXL and XL. Because these should never be small!

XXXL – $2,550 (60×40)     XXL – $1,750 (40×30)     XL – $1,250 (30×20)

Full Set of Digital Files


I’ll provide you with a full set of high-resolution digital files for you to do with as you wish. Share them with friends and family, put them on socials, and show them off to the world!

PLUS, you’ll also receive a stunning ‘Folio box” containing all your very best images printed as glorious 5×7 high-quality photographs. It’s a stylish collection of your images from the day, brought together in a beautiful display case.

Described as the modern-day photo album, this is THE way to enjoy your photographs at home in 2024.

Take time to sit down and go through your pictures, enjoy them all. Display them around your home, or keep them snugly in their box.

Your USB containing the digital images is also provided to you in a stunning display case, so you’ll be hard-pressed to lose this treasure!


Photograph Album


Not just your standard photograph album, this is a centerpiece to treasure. We’re talking about taking that coffee table book idea and elevating it – there really is nothing to compare with an album created professionally for you.

I’ve selected the best suppliers from around the world, and your album is beautifully bound in fine Italian Leather, with a luxurious luster print on all your images (that’s a print style that just makes them ooze sophistication). 

I’m always so proud to provide these cherished memories to my clients – I know they’re going to treasure their albums for life.

 (And it’s portable! Take it out with you and get friends, family and colleagues to wonder at the cuteness of your beautiful pet!)

10×10 and 20 pages -$3,750

Matted Prints


Quite different to mat photographs that you might choose to have printed by your favorite online photo shop, professional matted prints are in another league altogether.

You’ll receive your choice of photograph from your session printed on stunning professional photographic paper – you can see and feel the quality as soon as you receive them.

The colors of your images pop like you’ll not have seen before, revealing the subtle tones, and shadows. Much more than photographs. Mini little works of art.

Choose from 5×7” or 8×12”  – $155

Your Pet Photography Experience Starts Here

I have three wonderful photoshoot collections for you to choose from, but these are just the beginning. After the shoot, we’ll get together to decide how you’d like to share your images with family and friends and which pictures will truly deserve their places on your walls at home. It’s so much fun!

Collection Pricing 2024


Collection #1

Value $12,325

Collection Price $8,000

• 40×30″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas Floating Frame

• 10×10″  Photograph Album

• Five 12×8″ Matted Prints

• Full Set of Digital Files with 5×7″ Prints

• 7×5″ Acrylic Block Print

50% Off – A- La-Carte Items

Collection #2

Value $5,732

Collection Price $4,000

• 40×30″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas Floating Frame

• Three 12×8″ Matted Prints

• 25 Digital Files with 5×7″ Prints

• 7×5″ Acrylic Block Print

25% Off – A- La-Carte Items

Collection #3

Value $3,165

Collection Price $2,000

• 30×20″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas Floating Frame

• Three 12×8″ Matted Prints

• 10 Digital Files with 5×7″ Prints

10% Off – A- La-Carte Items

Not booked with me yet? Let’s change that! 

Your pet will look amazing on the walls of your home: